I’m going to add a few paragraphs & ‘sneak peaks’ here so that you can have a read and decide if it’s something your children will like!

Some of them will not be published yet but I will let you know when they are about to go on sale.

Jack goes to Hospital is now published in paperback &


£2 from every sale of the paperback goes to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to add a review, they’re really appreciated.

If you get a chance to drop by my Amazon site, please read the reviews relating to Jack’s book, (I’m not saying ‘buy the book’ – just read the reviews).

To know that a book you’ve written is making a difference for poorly children and their families, means more than anything. It goes beyond money and success.


Kindle Countdown 9th-14th May


Kindle Countdown promotion  – will start on 9th May 2017. The book price starts at 99c or 99p and will go up in price daily.


So the question is: Shall I buy the book at 99c or $5.17? Hmm…let me think a while…Get it here

Jack goes to Hospital is all about a young boy who is very poorly and has to go to hospital. He sees lots of Doctors and Nurses and he has many tests, needles and injections. My own grandson has severe polyarticular JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) and the books I found were not very helpful. I’ve written this book for parents to read to their children and hopefully make them more relaxed and help them understand what goes on in Hospital.

Jack goes to: Hospital

Jack loves his school.

He likes to see his teachers and likes to play with all of his friends.

One day he was walking to school with his granddad.

Granddad noticed Jack wasn’t walking correctly on his right foot.

“Is your foot hurting Jack?”

Jack nodded, “Yes. Can you pick me up Granddad please.”

Granddad carried him to school.

The next morning, Jack couldn’t walk at all. His knees were swollen and his hips were very sore. His Mummy and Daddy looked at his knees.

“We need to go to Hospital and see a doctor,” Daddy said, “the doctor will check you and tell us what is wrong with your knees and hips.”

The illustrations will show what Jack and his parents do at Hospital.


Dinosaur is Alive


Where’s My Granny Gone?

MAIN2ndpiccargarageflowers copy

This is a story about a little girl who loves her granny. One day her Mum tells her Granny had to move into a Care Home. They go to see Granny and that’s when the fun really starts!


There’s no such thing Granddad!

HeadGrandadGorilla copy 2

This is about a Granddad who is making up silly names for animals and joking with his grandson, like gorillaman – half man half gorilla or a hedgefrog – half hedgehog, half frog.


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